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What previous generations considered the norms, new generations are challenging. In recent years, we have seen the definition of family, marriage, and equality all change for the better, and at the root of these shifts are love, compassion, and respect. It thus seems fitting to redefine the word bastard, because it is our belief that no one, for any reason, should ever be considered illegitimate. Redefining words with age-old associations, though, is never accomplished without struggle.
Regardless of where we now stand in our individual lives, we all fought to reach our respective places. And although it may appear that some of us struggle more than others, the fact is, struggle abounds and it is always relative. We all experience challenges in daily life that we must face and overcome, and while some struggles might be immediately apparent, others remain hidden within. Many people struggle with academics, careers, relationships, or body image; others with depression, substance abuse, or a sense of belonging. Even more so, some struggle to find a place to call home or a better way of life. And sadly, many struggle to simply stay alive. No matter the issue, though, a struggle is a struggle in every form it takes, regardless of how big or small it might seem.
In our inaugural print issue, BASTARD Volume ONE, we present a collection of portfolios that profile seven individuals whose stories might seem drastically different, but are unanimously heartfelt and inspiring. Despite appearing to “have it all,” each featured talent has faced personal struggles in order to achieve everything they have. They might all come from different places, but they relate to one another because of the notion of shared struggles. We didn’t want to just tell stories with words and images, however; we wanted to practice exactly what we advocate, which is to Be Accomplished at Selfless Tasks And Righteous Deeds. By donating the profits earned from the sale of these individual fanzines, we can make a difference by giving back to help ease the struggles of those we hold dear to our hearts, who live in our communities, and even those we know absolutely nothing about.
For your gratuitous support toward this initiative we are sincerely grateful. We hope you enjoy the ensuing collection of portfolios as much as we have enjoyed creating them.
With love, compassion, and respect,
Tony Craig and Idris Rheubottom






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