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The US team defeated Japan in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup this month, a major win for American soccer and for women’s sports, not to mention being the most watched soccer event in the history of American television. Interestingly, the game also provoked the remnants of longstanding prejudice against Asians, who are often ignored in the ongoing cultural debate about race.  On Twitter, soccer fans cheered on the U.S. women’s victory using anti-Japanese language, prompting “Pearl Harbor” to become a trending topic nationwide. Eventually “Hiroshima” and “Nagasaki,” two Japanese cities devastated by American nuclear bombs during World War II, became trending topics too.

Whether the competition is on the field or in the ring, athletes and spectators should not express their pride by disparaging their opponent. Pride comes with the dedication, hard work and training necessary to compete. Let the fire that burns inside of you help lead you or your team to victory instead of using it to burn down humanity.


Written by The BASTARD Child

Photography by Ashton Do


BASTARD fanzine The Fire Within

BASTARD fanzine The Fire Within

BASTARD fanzine The Fire Within

Styling: Adam Munnings using Skingraft

Hair: Shu Yamaga

Makeup: Tadayoshi Honda

Models: Natsuko @ ADAM, Jordan MurrayElite

Special thanks: CyCy Sanders, Overthrow NYC Underground Boxing, Ana Kilani, and Kaori Yamamoto

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