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Ask any model about staying in a models apartment and you will get the same reply time and time again…overpriced, overcrowded and over trashed. In Bushwick, Brooklyn there is a loft apartment called The 411 that is unlike other model apartments. The 411 offers a clean, comfortable and spacious habitat allowing it’s maximum of six guests to focus on what they came to New York to accomplish, to make it here! BASTARD fanzine chats up just a few of the male models who have called this place a home away from home to get “the 411” on what they think about when they’re not being so polished and just being themselves.


Written by The BASTARD Child

Photographed by Idris + Tony

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I never imagined living this life. I always wanted to be a rabbit.” – Harvey

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I believe in true love, something captured from a moment, held and preserved to form a perennial unit.” – Joey

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“If I could change one thing about myself it would be my ears. One is larger than the other.” – Michael

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I’m just the boy next door if anything.” – Robbie

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“The most superficial character I look for in someone is the ability to make a good tea.” – Harvey

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I’m far from where I want to be, but I’m living a great life.” – Michael

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I’m really bad at giving people second chances. I forgive, but I never forget.” – Joey

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“I think about sex whenever it’s mentioned.” – Harvey

BASTARDfanzine_WhatsThe411©IDRISandTONY_09“My biggest fear in life is losing my family.” – Robbie

BASTARD fanzine "What's the 411?"“My biggest fear in life is a life without love.” – Joey


Models:  Harvey James, Joey Rogers, Michael Morgan and Robbie Beeser @ New York Models

For more information on The 411  send an email to the411modelsapt@gmail.com

To view more work by Idris + Tony visit www.idrisandtony.com


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