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Rob Evans for Greenhouse Sports

BASTARDfanzine_Vol1_RobEvans“I feel it’s important to give disadvantaged young kids with a lot of talent a start in life.” – Rob Evans

Boxer and Top Model, Rob Evans is Being Accomplished at Selfless Tasks And Righteous Deeds by donating the proceeds raised from the sale of his fanzine to Greenhouse Sports, a London-based charity committed to using sport to help young people living in the inner city realize their full potential. “I feel it’s important to give disadvantaged young kids with a lot of talent a start in life. Sport is an outlet to put all that in energy into something productive that will help them in so many ways. The health benefits also improve their emotional wellbeing because it can suck coming from nothing. The benefits you can achieve through sport are pretty amazing. Look what it did for me.”


greenhousesportsGreenhouse Sports is a London-based charity that uses sport to engage young people living in the inner-city.

Our Vision: Every child has a fair chance to succeed.

Our Mission: Greenhouse Sports aims to develop the social, thinking, emotional and physical (STEP) skills of young people in London’s inner-city communities through high-quality, intensive sports programmes delivered by inspirational coaches.

Greenhouse Sports - Football at Burgess Park - 29/5/15 - Picture : Frank Coppi for Greenhouse SportsWorking full time in schools and in the community, Greenhouse Sports coaches develop strong relationships with our young people using our groundbreaking STEP Framework. Our coaches help them to improve their health and fitness while mentoring them to improve their engagement with their education and community. Find out about the difference we make to young people, their family and community.

We currently operate 50 sports coaching programmes across 36 mainstream secondary schools, 10 Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools and four community clubs across London, while actively looking to increase the numbers of young people who benefit from the provision of inspirational sports coaching and mentoring.

Find out more about our inspirational coaching, schools and community clubs.

(sourced:  greenhousesports.org)

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