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The BASTARD fanzine print publication is a collection of seven individual portfolios, released together as a singular volume, that each portray the life and personality of its subject through a series of intimate portraits and an interview. Presented in large format (measuring 9.5″ x 13.5″ when folded), the individual fanzines are printed on high quality paper stock (100lb) worthy of being framed, yet affordable enough to be tacked on a wall, reminiscent of the pin-up. Bridging the gap between the tangibility of print and the allure of social media, BASTARD fanzine gives its subjects—each of whom have amassed large social followings due to their dedications and commitments—an opportunity to collaborate on establishing an exciting new platform from which they can tell their stories, promote their causes, and provide fans the opportunity to possess exceptional assemblages of reproduced works, while simultaneously raising money for charities.




In our inaugural print issue, BASTARD Volume ONE, we present a collection of portfolios that profile seven individuals whose stories might seem drastically different, but are unanimously heartfelt and inspiring. Despite appearing to “have it all,” each featured talent has faced personal struggles in order to achieve everything they have. They might all come from different places, but they relate to one another because of the notion of shared struggles. We didn’t want to just tell stories with words and images, however; we wanted to practice exactly what we advocate, which is to Be Accomplished at Selfless Tasks And Righteous Deeds. By donating the profits earned from the sale of these individual fanzines, we can make a difference by giving back to help ease the struggles of those we hold dear to our hearts, who live in our communities, and even those we know absolutely nothing about.