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Rose Bertram V.1.4


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Presented in large format (measuring 9.5″ x 13.5″ when folded), this individual fanzine is printed on high quality paper stock (100lb) worthy of being framed, yet affordable enough to be tacked on a wall, reminiscent of the pin-up. Bridging the gap between the tangibility of print and the allure of social media, BASTARD fanzine gives its subjects—each of whom have amassed large social followings due to their dedications and commitments—an opportunity to collaborate on establishing an exciting new platform from which they can tell their stories, promote their causes, and provide fans the opportunity to possess exceptional assemblages of reproduced works, while simultaneously raising money for charities.


Rose Bertram




Model Rose Bertram walks down Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with her voluminous curly blonde hair commanding attention from passerby, making it clear that what the 21-year-old lacks in height, she posses in charisma and beauty. As we meet outside a juice bar, her warm personality greets us and a sense of joy radiates from deep inside; we immediately welcome her in return with huge smiles and hugs. Her personality even catches the seemingly annoyed cashier off guard and he suddenly cheers up as if he just took a shot of beetroot juice. Rose has this effect on people as a whole. She lights up a room and demands attention even without saying a word. But when she starts to speak, she tells us of her difficult journey to get to the place she is today—appearing in everything from the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue to on the catwalk at shows, including Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief Charity Fashion Show. When transitioning from a child model to high fashion, however, “They told me I was too small and I couldn’t go further,” she says. Rose remembers many agencies turning her down while seeking representation, “So I decided to do my own thing,” she continues. Rose contacted photographers on her own, built her portfolio, and left her hometown in Belgium for London. One of her first jobs was with renowned photographer Juergen Teller and the resulting Jawbone campaign was a huge success. Her persistence and dedication paid off when an agency in London eventually signed her in 2013. Now with over 300,000 Instagram followers and constant Snapchat updates, Rose is creating a brand for herself, consistently proving that she’s more than just a curvy body. Having carved a space for herself in an industry dominated by the tall and skinny, Rose describes herself as a young woman with a strong mentality that is aggressive at times and very emotional. When asked what she sees when looking in the mirror, she simply states, “Me, myself, and I.” Seeing herself for who she truly is has helped her succeed, as the self-awareness led to an of air extreme confidence—but certainly not boastfulness. (continued)