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Luke James V.1.5


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Presented in large format (measuring 9.5″ x 13.5″ when folded), this individual fanzine is printed on high quality paper stock (100lb) worthy of being framed, yet affordable enough to be tacked on a wall, reminiscent of the pin-up. Bridging the gap between the tangibility of print and the allure of social media, BASTARD fanzine gives its subjects—each of whom have amassed large social followings due to their dedications and commitments—an opportunity to collaborate on establishing an exciting new platform from which they can tell their stories, promote their causes, and provide fans the opportunity to possess exceptional assemblages of reproduced works, while simultaneously raising money for charities.


Luke James




It’s no wonder that singer-songwriter Luke James has worked with some of the biggest headliners in music. Having written for everyone from Britney to Bieber, the two-time Grammy-nominated artist is also a performer on his own. As a writer, he takes listeners on emotional journeys, in and out of the struggles of life and love, fearlessly expressing all aspects of himself passionately through words. As a performer, he captivates his audiences through extroverted interactivity and playfulness, despite his natural inclination toward introspection. Luke grew up an only child in New Orleans, where he developed a fondness for wolves. “I’ve always been into them, even as a kid before I completely understood them,” he says. “I guess I related to being a loner. I always had a lot of time alone,” Luke continues. “I took the idea of what a wolf is and embraced that demeanor. ” While in Miami working on his next piece of music, BASTARD fanzine caught up with “Wolf James” to gain insight as to what drives the creative beast within. (continued)