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Kone Sindou V.1.3


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Presented in large format (measuring 9.5″ x 13.5″ when folded), this individual fanzine is printed on high quality paper stock (100lb) worthy of being framed, yet affordable enough to be tacked on a wall, reminiscent of the pin-up. Bridging the gap between the tangibility of print and the allure of social media, BASTARD fanzine gives its subjects—each of whom have amassed large social followings due to their dedications and commitments—an opportunity to collaborate on establishing an exciting new platform from which they can tell their stories, promote their causes, and provide fans the opportunity to possess exceptional assemblages of reproduced works, while simultaneously raising money for charities.


Kone Sindou




A big smile, infectious laughter, and endearing personality accurately describe Kone Sindou. The model, represented by Red, loves life and lives it to the fullest, be it in the kitchen preparing a delectable meal (he is a seasoned chef) or on the runway of a Kanye West show. Looking deep into Kone’s eyes, however, one can sense the strength of his seasoned soul, the struggles he has faced in a desperate search for a better life. The 28 year-old’s story is one about a boy, his will to survive in a war-torn Ivory Coast, and eventual move to New York at age 19. For this feature, we spoke with Kone at a coffee shop and teamed up with Brooklynbased artist Gio Scotti to present a new series of images portraying the struggles and strength of Kone Sindou. (continued)