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Luke James for Precious Dreams Foundation

BASTARDfanzine_Vol1_LukeJames“When I want to lay my head down that’s the time when it’s the loudest.” – Luke James

Singer-songwriter, Luke James is Being Accomplished at Selfless Tasks And Righteous Deeds by donating the proceeds raised from the sale of this fanzine to The Precious Dreams Foundation. The New York based non-profit foundation provides gift bags of bedtime comfort items to children in transition and teaches youth the importance of self-comfort. For Luke, a lot of his demons come at night. “When I want to lay my head down that’s the time when it’s the loudest. The Precious Dreams Foundation focuses on children who are in transition from homes, foster care, and poor communities. It helps them sleep. Whether it a blanket, book, or teddy bear, the foundation helps to alleviate suffering, ease their mind, and confront their fears in order to allow them to focus on their dreams.”



Precious Dreams Foundation was founded in 2012 and supports the well being of foster children by using a special technique focused on using bedtime necessities and positive reinforcement to empower children to recognize and focus on their dreams.


Most children are fortunate enough to have parents to run to after a nightmare but for many all they have are themselves. Our precious children enter shelters and foster care afraid, alone and desperate for comfort. Many of these children have been abused, abandoned, neglected and are more concerned with safety than having positive dreams. With the help of generous donations, Precious Dreams Foundation fills bags with various items such as new warm pajamas, teddy bears, inspiring children’s books, journals to support expression and soft blankets. Whether a bear is held tight after a bad dream or a bedtime story leads to a happy imagination, we hope sleeping can be made easy, we hope to inspire Precious Dreams.

Precious Dreams Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that provides gift bags of bed-time comfort items to children in foster homes, foster care and poor communities.  We fulfill our mission with a program titled “Comfort Drop” where we drop off our signature comfort bags that are full of healthy attachments for bedtime.  During each Comfort Drop we also teach the youth the importance of learning to self comfort in order to focus on their dreams.


  • Compassion – Giving sympathy to alleviate suffering and build relationships with precious children.
  • Respect – To be respectful and considerate of those who serve by not questioning or judging their circumstances but understanding that we all have one thing in common as humans and that is the ability to dream.
  • Self-Esteem -To build children’s self-esteem by making them aware of their inner gifts and talents that can eventually help in providing for a better lifestyle. We also hope to teach them ways to find comfort from within.
  • Service -To put our best effort forward to supporting comforting nights and dreams for children in transition.

(sourced: preciousdreamsfoundation.org)

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