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Why have we reached a point in time where we need to remind society that Black lives matter? The biases and stigmatization of people with darker skin has led to outbursts of protests and violence for generations. The “dark one” has been associated with being primitive. No matter the position, the background, the education or the appearance, we walk among you with the burden of being slightly different. We shoulder the burden of being perceived as threatening because of a lie implanted by the founders of society, the lie of Race. This word has made people believe that we are different to the advantage of some and oppression of many. It has segregated our realities and only gives a select few the privilege to dream. Our mistake is the comfort we have found in this fallacy, the borders we have created to keep us apart and our lack of action in the face of wrong.  It has made us all guilty by association and brought us to the same level as the oppressor. Each time we choose blissful ignorance, we too pull the trigger. With our indifference we load a weapon silencing all those who have been wronged.  How many more “Hands Up”, “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” protests will it take for us to believe in the power and beauty of unity?


Words by Adonis Bosso

Photography by Idris + Tony


Model:  Adonis Bosso @ DNA

To learn how you can help make a difference please visit www.racialequality.org


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