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Christophe Sanchez-Vahle knows hard work. As an Agent to some of the most handsome faces in the fashion modeling business, he has helped cultivate the careers of male top models. BASTARD fanzine talks with Vahle about his career in the industry, and his philanthropic import.

How did you begin your career as a model agent?

I started back in 2000 in London, England, working at Premier models. It was really a career I stumbled into – as I think so many in this industry do. It was all very exciting traveling the world over, meeting exciting people from all walks of life and never knowing what each day would bring. After about a year, I developed Premier’s Men’s division. It was challenging but I loved watching it grow each year from strength to strength. The feeling of watching a boy walk his first show, or shoot his first big campaign, was very enriching. We as agents really do change lives. Doors open for these young men and women that otherwise they may have never considered, allowing them to travel the world and experience things that others only dream of.

What brought you to NYC?

London was an exciting city but I was always hungry for more. After having traveled to New York a number of times, I decided that I would give it a try. It’s been 3 years here at NY models and the adventure is only beginning…

Who are some of the models whose careers you have helped build?

It’s always exciting to see some of the boys like Sebastian Sauve, or Henry Barnacle – boys I started with just a set of digitals who are still successful models.   Also along the way I looked after Marlon TexeiraJon KortajarenaTobias Sorenson and Baptiste Giabiconi. What is also exciting is when I see some of my boys launch successful acting careers, such as Colton Haynes’ star of Arrow.

Why is philanthropy important to you?

We have so much, yet we go about day to day complaining about all these small things that really matter so little. Especially in big cities like London and New York where we never seem to have enough…and yet we all have enough time to give to others…to help, to donate…with either money or time.

I know so many people who will sit in front of the T.V. and power watch a series for 12 hours for fun and entertainment, yet think about what good would come from taking those hours and helping others!

What inspired you to choose AIDS Walk in particular as a charity to raise money for?

When I was a teenager in the 80’s in San Francisco, AIDS was just starting to take hold and it was devastating to watch. Nothing quite like it is now thankfully with so many medical advances but it had a huge impact on me. When I was in London I participated in a charity that delivered warm food to people that because of AIDS were homebound, and I wanted to do something here in the US. AIDS can affect us all.

Do you participate in any other philanthropy?

My sister passed away from cancer at the age of 29 – equally a devastating disease…Next on my hit list.


Support Christophe by making a donation here to the 30th annual AIDS Walk New York.

The event will raise vital funds for GMHC and 40 other AIDS service organizations in the tri-state area.



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