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Join us behind the scenes on our BASTARD fanzine VOLUME 1 cover shoot with Australian Supermodel, Catherine McNeil.

“Having a beagle myself, I can see that they are so trusting of humans and more docile than a lot of dog breeds. I think that’s why labs use them so much.”


“The Beagle Freedom Project rescues beagles and other animals from labs after the labs have done testing on them. They then foster them to homes and put them in better places.”

“There is also an app you can download called Cruelty Cutter that allows you to scan products in supermarkets that will tell you if it’s been tested on animals.”BASTARDfanzine_CatherineMcNeil©IDRISandTONY

“It’s a shame that humans have to use any animals to do these tests but at the moment there is no real alternative. I think it’s going to be quite hard and take a long time for them to stop testing on animals.”

To learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project and find out how you too can Be Accomplished at Selfless Tasks And Righteous Deeds visit The BASTARD Initiative page on our website.


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